Movement Not Monument

ImageThe greatest danger in Christianity is churchianity.  Jesus started a Movement not a Christian club, religious system or spiritual fraternity.  Unfortunately too many churches and her leaders are hopelessly trapped within their own monuments, beneath pastors more committed to building an empire rather than a Body.

If a church isn’t moving, growing, changing, causing discomfort and focused outward, it is in the process of dying.  Such congregations may stand as a monument to what it once was for a season, but it won’t grow beyond its own narcissism.

In Christianity, there is only one constant:  “Jesus is God’s Son and Savior.”  This dynamic Faith profession tolerates movement and mission, community and change.  It’s not about creeds, rules or dogma.  Orthodoxy emerges only through orthopraxy.  Right doctrine breathes out of right practices.

Ultimately, Christianity thrives and grows.  The Church reproduces and reinvents.  The Body changes and charges forward into wider culture.

Movements change.  Monuments remind.  Movements move.  Monuments stick.  Movements open.  Monuments close.  Movements thrive.  Monuments fade.

Christianity is a movement.  Churchianity is a monument.


About rickchromey

Dr. Rick Chromey is a theologian, philosopher, historian and cultural expert. He has empowered leaders to lead, teachers to teach and parents to parent since 1985.

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