A Reluctant Follower’s Confession of Faith (Part One)

Jesus_ChristYou ask what inspires me? What drives my passion and purpose? What creates hope, peace and love in my heart? The answer isn’t a thing or a work or even another person, but simply Jesus the Christ. That’s right. The Galilean radical who revolutionized religion in His day, setting off a Movement that billions now follow in some form or fashion.

No other earthly philosophy, religion of man or spiritual quest will fill the God-shaped hole within (a quest of man since time’s genesis). In fact, the greatest lie ever proposed is that man can be whole and holy without God. It’s simply not true. The soul is a ravenous beast with insatiable hunger that creates either addiction or apathy. Additional fabrications suggest God is impersonal or a force of nature. Still other ideologies preach He is an inner light or a highly evolved former incarnation of man. To the contrary, God is Creator, Father, All-Powerful, All-Knowing and Sovereign.

I am convinced, based upon experience and long study, that no religion satisfies like authentic Christianity. At its heart is a simple Idea opposed by other religions: God longs to dwell with man. Think about it: the same God that created universes out of nothingness desires to make something of me and you! The same God that lives outside of Creation willingly left His Heavenly Home to dwell with man inside a human carcass. The same God who deserves crowns and thrones completed His earthly mission (to restore man) wearing a cross and thorns.

And then to prove, beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus was truly God in the flesh, He pulled off the greatest feat in all of history: The God-man rose from the dead! No other great teacher, guru, revolutionary, magician, politician or religious leader pulled that one off. And that’s why I follow HIM. Jesus is alive! He’s the Real Deal.

You see, Christianity isn’t about going to church and religion isn’t about attending a mosque or synagogue, but coming home to rest, reconciliation and revival. It’s not about being a good person but being God’s person. It’s not about channeling a higher power but letting Jesus change your heart. It’s not about “you” at all, but simply about Christ alone. It’s a clear recognition that NO ONE and NO THING–philosophy, person, product–can save you from yourself. You need something so much bigger than a mantra or prayer or ritual for redemption. What you need is Jesus and a new heart. Grace is far superior to karma.

And only Jesus offers Grace.


About rickchromey

Dr. Rick Chromey is a theologian, philosopher, historian and cultural expert. He has empowered leaders to lead, teachers to teach and parents to parent since 1985.

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